Holding Plant

Cleansurances' corporate social responsibility includes the preservation of the natural environment. We have taken active steps to ensure that our methods and products are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ways we try to be sustainable include:

♦ Natural chemical free products and machinery

♦ Steam cleaning

♦ Reusable microfiber cleaning clothes

♦ Recycle bins

♦ Biodegradable products

♦ Environmentally safe products

♦ Environmentally preferred batteries in our machines


Apart from the safety of the environment we are also mindful of our staff and clients as well. We have thorough procedures in place to protect our staff while handling chemicals and machinery on site. We are mindful of client safety as we design and implement our cleaning processes. This includes using hospital grade products and cleaning in progress signs while mopping. 

Insurance Covers 

Cleansurance holds Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance cover.


Insurance Certificate Policies will be provided on the Commencement of our services.